How To: Make a simple keylogger in Visual Basic 2008

Make a simple keylogger in Visual Basic 2008

The following video shows how you can make a keylogger in Visual Basic 2008. Follow the steps below to create your own keylogger. First you will want to open a new application and name it according to your preferences. Then you want to click on the toolbar button and click textbox. In the textbox values, you will want to select the value of true for 'Multiline' option and the value of True for 'Read only'. On the toolbar, select the 'Behavior' tab and mark it as 'Window'. Go back on to the main page known as form 1. Enlargen the area to your preferences. Next click on 'Timer' as per the toolbar. Enable the 'Behavior' and for interval time put in '2'. Text will appear on your form. Highlight and select the text that states 'Dim result as integer." Next, click on the 'Private sub values.' Highlight the Private values ranging from 'for i' to 'next i'. Select the text area. Your keylogger has now been created. Click on a word pad or note pad application and insert some text. The text will now appear on the form you were working with. Your keylogger is now a success!

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